the canals of amsterdam

We spent just over four days in Amsterdam in early October. Neither E nor I had ever been and we were excited to explore a new city. We did spend some time popping in and out of museums – I’d recommend the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank Museum if you’re trying to narrow them down – but also wanted to spend time just wandering through the small streets and along the canals.

Between the house boats lining the canals and the bikes tethered to bridge handrails, every turn is so picturesque. IMG_4025

IMG_4397IMG_4204The tall skinny houses line the canals, and similar to row houses in east coast cities in the US, they are all snuggled together, with small stoops and friendly doors to welcome visitors.

IMG_4106As the sun went down, we were treated to cotton candy skies…

And the twinkling of windows and street lamps at night.IMG_4210

When your legs are tired of strolling down streets and skipping over bridges, duck into Tales & Spirits to put your feet up and enjoy a drink.

The cozy, chandelier lit bar offers a novel of creative and intriguing cocktails. E ordered the Pear Necessities, and I ordered the Drop of Art.IMG_4338Yes, those are both cocktails!

The Pear Necessities showed up in a brass colored pear, with mint leaves at the stem.IMG_4344The Drop of Art was a literal artist’s palette! The cocktail, in the rinse cup, was perfectly balanced on its own. However, the trio of flavored paints alongside allows the drinker to customize their drink.IMG_4343The entire menu looks like so much fun. Find your way here for pre dinner drinks or to cap off your night before you turn in.

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