the tastiest chocolate cookies?

Down one of the side streets of Amsterdam is a tiny shop that makes one, and only one, type of cookie. Van Stapele Koekmakerij claims to make the tastiest chocolate cookie in the world. IN. THE. WORLD. It is a bold claim, but one that Van Stapele is willing to back up by putting all their eggs in one basket…or all their chips in one cookie recipe.

When I say the shop is tiny, I mean it. A small sign hangs over a doorway and it would be so easy to walk right by it, but it is tough to miss the line that winds its way out into the street. IMG_4128

At the door you are greeted with the warmth from the oven along the back wall that seems in perpetual use and smiling faces of the employees as they prep tray after tray of balls of chocolate dough to be made into cookies. When you are ready to place your order, there is no hemming and hawing over a menu of options. Their cookies are a perfectly soft, yet crispy chocolate dough surrounds an gooey white chocolate center. You just need to decide how many cookies you want to take with you! I’m convinced that the longer you stand in line with the delicious chocolate small wafting around you, the more cookies you’ll end up with your bag. A new batch goes into the oven as soon as one comes out, so you are guaranteed warm, fresh baked cookies no matter what time of day you stop by.IMG_4131

We decided to take a box of six home for dessert later that night, but couldn’t pass up two extra to eat on our way home.IMG_4134

I couldn’t wait to crack into my treat. Check out this gloriously melty center! You’ll have to excuse the slight blurriness, the excitement of the cookies surpassed the desire for an in focus picture.IMG_4157

E is a complete purist when it comes to his cookies. He likes classic, no fuss chocolate chip cookies, but even he was still mentioning the delightfully delicious Van Stapele cookies. They were definitely a win for us. I think about these cookies often enough that we’ll most certainly be back if we find ourselves in Amsterdam again.

If you’ve made your way to Van Stapele Koekmakerij, let me know your thoughts! The tastiest cookie in the world? Or do you have another favorite?

One thought on “the tastiest chocolate cookies?

  1. Dori Gallagher says:

    Warm? Crispy yet soft? Melty? That sounds like my ideal cookie! What a fun discovery! I will have to remember this place if I am ever in Amsterdam again!


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