brunch & snapshots | dc

E ran the Marine Corps Marathon in mid-October. Although I haven’t worked up the stamina (or interest, if I’m being honest) to run a full marathon, I tagged along for the weekend in Washington DC.

We left Pittsburgh after work on Friday and the race was on Sunday, leaving us Saturday to explore.

Instead of staying in DC, we stayed just across the river in Arlington, VA, which was closer to the start and finish lines for the marathon. Saturday morning, E found great reviews for BABA, which was right around the corner from our apartment. The entry door at street level leads to a staircase to the basement restaurant.IMG_4870

Coffee shop and delicious brunch spot by day, cocktail bar by night, BABA has a funky, laid back, yet swanky feel. I know…how does that all work together?IMG_4860

Each corner has a different vibe.

We settled in with a latte for me and a hot chocolate for E, before ordering the Tiramisu Oatmeal and Salmon Benedict, respectively.

I wish oatmeal was a little more photogenic, because my breakfast definitely tasted better than it looks! I was originally going to go for ‘BABA’s Perfect Bowl’ – oatmeal with bananas, almonds, peanut butter, and raspberry syrup, but E talked me into the Tiramisu Oatmeal…mostly because he wanted a taste. I went in a little skeptical, but was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t sickly sweet, or overly rich. The espresso mascarpone, almond butter, dark chocolate granola, and touch of maple syrup provided the most wonderful symphony of flavors that had me enjoying every bite and scraping the bowl clean. Even E was trying to tuck his spoon back in for a second and third bite.

Post brunch, we picked up E’s race bib and swag before heading to the Mall.IMG_4882

We stopped to visit Honest Abe (E’s favorite stop on the Mall)…

Wandered up to the Capitol Building…IMG_4904

And made our way to Union Station…IMG_4912

Before circling back to sit and rest at the base of the Washington Monument.IMG_4911

I love visiting DC, even if it is for a quick trip. It’s an easy city for us to get to from Pittsburgh, and we’re already talking about planning a trip for the spring to see all the cherry blossoms in bloom.

E said the marathon was one of the most fun he has run. He loved running through Arlington and DC, past all the monuments, and finishing near Arlington National Cemetery. It also didn’t hurt that the course was pretty flat. As a spectator, this race had such an incredible vibe around it. Not only is it a great city to visit and run through, the crowds were all so supportive of the runners. With E’s rave reviews, he has me thinking about upping my milage and maybe considering training for the race next year…

Have you visited DC? What are your favorite places to eat, drink, or visit?

For any of you runners out there – Have you run, or would you consider running the Marine Corps Marathon? What is your favorite whole or half marathon course you’ve run?

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