tannenbaum at independent brewing

I am horrendously late with this post. In my weak defense, E discovered Independent Brewing Company’s inaugural six-week celebration of the European holiday beer tradition a couple weeks ago, and then took me along last weekend.

Independent Brewing Company, is located on the corner of Shady and Forbes in Squirrel Hill, is dedicated to serving local beers made by Western Pennsylvania Breweries. The cozy, inviting tavern usually has the low buzz of of neighborly friends or grad school colleagues catching up over a beer, along with small groups and some families enjoying dinner in the adjoining dining space.

The draft list is entirely local beers and ciders, and they use locally distilled spirits for their mixed drinks.

For their special holiday celebration, Independent went far from the local beer options (which they certainly still have on tap), to bring in rare European beers. They offer only a few at a time, and once the keg kicks, they’ll bring in another delicious offering.

Independent Brewing will be serving up and switching out these European beers until the end of the year. I do apologize that I didn’t loop you in sooner, but if you miss out on this round, it does seem that they’d like to celebrate the holidays in a similar manner in years to come.IMG_6172

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