maggie’s farm rum

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind this month. We traveled out of the state for three weddings – in Washington, San Diego, and, most recently, Cleveland – and are currently hosting some family for the next couple weeks.

The two hour ride home from Cleveland on Sunday was a bit cozy, with four people, two dogs, and all our luggage packing my car to the brim. When we arrived back in Pittsburgh, we were ready to stretch our legs and take the rest of the evening easy. Not quite ready for dinner, we headed out for a casual, pre-dinner drink.

Tucked in amidst the warehouses in the Strip District, there is a big blue building with a small old sign letting you know you have arrived at The Rum Room.IMG_2960

I won’t blame you if you drive by it the first time around, but I promise you’ll want to circle back around and make a stop here.

Allegheny Distilling, maker of Maggie’s Farm Rum, is an independently-founded craft distillery. All of their rums are distilled from scratch using raw cane, as opposed to molasses, on Spanish-made copper stills. The stills and the manufacturing processes are on display right behind the cocktail bar, so I’d recommend you perch on a stool – over cozying into a booth along the wall – in order to check out the whole operation. The bright copper stills and the barrels where they age the rum add an interesting backdrop to the main show on the bar in front of you. Oh, and check out all the awards their rums have won!IMG_2958

We popped in, grabbed four stools around the end of the bar, and started perusing the menu. They offer a take on the Dark & Stormy and a Rum Old Fashioned, along with unique drinks that they switch up every so often. You can find beer, wine, and cider on the menu as well – in the case you were dragged along, but you aren’t all that into rum.

We ordered the Corn ‘n’ Oil – a zingy drink made with dark rum, ginger/clove/lime liqueur made in house, lime, and bitters; two of the Jerez Apothecaries – a boozy concoction featuring their Queen’s Share rum finished in sherry casks, sugar, and bitters; and the Red Hills – a refreshing, garden-y mix of white rum and lime, with balsamic vinegar balancing out the sweetness of strawberry, and topped with basil.IMG_2998

All three were delightful, although my favorite was the Red Hills. There wasn’t a drop left in any of the glasses, as we happily headed out to find some food to fill our bellies.

If you find yourself in the neighborhood, looking for a lower key place to grab a cocktail or two, check out Maggie’s Farm Rum at 3212A Smallman St. You can find their hours (and recipes for some of their most popular drinks!) on their website: maggiesfarmrum.comIMG_2983


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